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Team players

Several colleagues from the Tourism Excellence Network form “The Swinging Consultants”.  With pleasure, we provide a joyful and danceable contribution to (tourism) events, such as trade fairs and conventions - we play goodtime and rock & soul classics.

The band:

  • Bass: Martin Lohmann, N.I.T.
  • Percussion: Matthias Wedepohl, PROJECT M
  • Keyboards: Cornelius Obier, PROJECT M
  • Guitar: Stefan Frerichs, ift (see also: www.die-Kollegen.net)
  • Guitar: Mathias Behrens-Egge, BTE
  • Guitar: Matthias Gilbrich, guest from the Dresden Touristik
  • Vocals, saxophone, guitar: Rainer Blencke, IRS-CONSULT (see also: www.trouble-boys.de)
  • Viola: Mathias Feige, dwif
  • Viola: Georg Parzinger, IRS-Consult
  • Violin: Dorothea Schäffler,  guest from the Thüringer Tourismus Gesellschaft
  • Drums: Ralf Krech, guest from "The Colleagues", Berlin